PomeCep is a supplement for all kind of diseases like cancer, heart, liver , kidney, asthma, arthritis , HIV and Migrain problems.PomeCep is a combination of Cordycep, Meca, Graviola, Green Apple, Pomegerante, Catuba & Genseng ingredients.

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Health is very important for anybody. So PomeCep is a medicine for all kind of diseases like cancer, heart, liver,problem, asthma, arthritis problem, HIV and Migrain problem. PomeCep is a combination of Cordycep, Meca, Graviola, Green Apple, Pomegerante, Catuba & Genseng ingredients.



Improves Immune System, Respiratory System, Enhance Athletics Performance, Liver & Kidney Health and Promotes Longevity.


Boosting energy & endurance, improving mood,reducing sun damage, reducing blood pressure, fighting free radicals and improving learning & memory.


Fights against prostate cancer, breast cancer, control blood pressure, fight against arthritis and joint pain and lower risk of heart disease.


 Imroves brain functions, erectile dysfunction, boosts the immune system, increase energy level and control blood sugar.


Reduces depression, controls blood sugar, contributes to energy level and anti-inflammatory.

Green Apple

Increases metabolism, low in fat, rich source of Vitamin A & C and fight against ageing.


Removes skin cancer, anxiety, male sexual problems, exhaustion,fatigue, sleeplessness and nervousness.

Client Testimonials

Brijesh Gupta


Good customer service can sometimes be difficult to come across these days, but PomeCep has always been first rate from my experience.

Mr. A.S.Cheema


very good service and very effective medicines.

Mr. Rehan Illahi


All the products of Healing health are superb and cures the disease very Fast with no after effects, really satisfied, THANK YOU Healing Health.



Very Good Results of Healing Health Products, Full Satisfied with vedanta products .

Rajesh Kumar


I got satisfactory results with one month of taking these herbal supplements. I am regularly taking this medicine and there were no side effects at all. Thanks to the wonderful herbal composition made by this company.

Healing Health Care

Healing Health Care provides best supplements for your health. PomeCep and Metsulin are our proucts that relief our patients quickly.

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